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Country Side and Village Tour on Bicycles

 Trail with the Bicycles along the Ganga
 River side which is a very interesting
village as one drives to Sarai Mohana
 which is situated on the confluence of
 the river Ganga and river Varuna, while
 you drive to the Village , you shall be
passing by the small Temples, Dharamshalas
, Kunds on the famous Panch Koshi Road
  which is very lively with the local village
activities such as worshiping, bathing near
 the wells, children sitting on the stairs of
the Kunds attending the Country schools
 and washing of clothes etc.                    




On reaching the village you shall be usually guided through     the village homes and made to communicate between the villagers of different Caste who are busy in the day to day activities. Some offer tea and if willing you can have it in    earthen small cups locally called as Kullads.

The village also have different types of craftsmen ship work going on like Net weaving for fishermen, Basket weaving,        silk weaving, Bindi making for ladies and so on .One can        also see the local folks making their daily food along with the household preparation of pappad(Papadam) pickles etc. If time permits they can assemble at the Village Head       house for small exchange in talks and taking pictures           along with the village folks.Round Trip shall take approx3- 4 Hrs in all.


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