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Boat Cruise on Ganges

These Tours are Soft Adventure Tours & not Luxury Tours

Things of Interest you can have while the tour : Visit Village
 along the riverside and discover their  life and culture,fishing
,swimming,bird watching, reading, learn cooking with the Kitchen
 Boat cooks, practice yoga, sunbathing massage and listen to light music.
 Have lots of Chilled beer with fresh fish to go with.

2 or 4 Pax per Boat & Separate boat for Kitchen Inclusive of Veg / Non veg meals,
 Soft Drinks, Mineral water tea / Coffee, English Speaking Tour Escort, Tents for Camping
with Folding beds and mattresses etc, Camp Toilet Facilities, light refreshment, Light Music
 System, Books to read, Fishing equipments, Few cycles for some country tours and tractor rides along the country side.

Allahabad to Varanasi Boat Cruise
5 Days, 4 Days and 3 Days Programmes

Places Covered: Allahabad/ Varanasi/ Sitamarhi/ Mirzapur This is a wonderful trip ­ a kind of soft adventure with the whole experience ­ exclusive boat with boatman & kitchen crew, exclusive islands for overnight stops, company of migratory birds and playful sight of Gangetic Dolphins. Sailing down the Ganges - in a wooden country boat from Allahabad to Varanasi (both important pilgrimage sites in India with an ancient civilization of over 2000 years), is a leisurely trip with lots of fun. This is the most colorful and interesting stretch of this legendary river. Beautiful landscape, simple country-side, people religiously flocking the river banks, old temples, migratory birds and above all camping on the Virgin River islands with no body around. A distance of just 125 kms between the two cities by straight road is covered in 5 days through a winding river course.

Some Insight on the Trip:

    Three days sailing should be good enough (i.e. two night camping).
    Boats are common wooden country boats with couple of rows, a mast and two boat men on each boat. There will be no seats or bench. On board there will be mattress & pillows and 4 persons can easily sit in relaxed position while enjoying the landscape. Sitting area is covered with canvas roof. (Note: If there are two to 4 clients, there will be one boat for them and one for our kitchen crew.)
    We camp on a deserted beach or island depending on the season. Pitch Tents with Folding Beds & carry-mattress are used. Breakfast & dinner is served on the island but lunch & evening tea is always on board while sailing.
    For toilet, at camp-site we pitch tent with a dig-in pit and while sailing, we stop at a deserted bank.
    Best period is from OCT to APRIL. (FYI-mostly there is a thick fog during end Dec & beginning Jan in North India, affecting the navigation on the river & pictorial views).
    If plan a trip from mid Jan to Feb, suggest a day in Allahabad to visit the annual Magh Mela (a kind of baby Kumbh Mela - start from Makar Sankranti till Mahashivaratri) at the confluence of river Yamuna, Ganga & mythical Saraswati. A tented township grows up on the banks of the river where thousands of devotees come for a holy dip, especially on some specific days like full moon or no moon.

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